Animal feed / animal feed (horse feed / sheep food and goat food and pig food / chicken food / alpaca food / dog food / cat food / rabbit food / bird food / fish food / supplements )

Agrodieren offers you a range of animal feed, such as horse feed, small livestock feed such as sheep feed, goat feed, pig feed, as well as alpaca feed and livestock feed. Also pet food such as dog food and cat food and rodent food and fish food and farmyard food such as chicken food, goose food, duck food and bird food such as pigeon food, exotics, parakeet food and pigeon food and sprinkle buffets for outdoor birds. Expert advice and at the best price are our additional assets. You can also contact Agrodieren for supplements.
A balanced animal feed (roughage & concentrates mixtures and feed mixtures) is important to keep your animal in optimal condition. The correct amount and type of feed plays an important role in this. The ideal feed ration is varied by factors such as season, activity change or possibly even a birth. Feel free to ask for advice at regular intervals regarding concentrates and roughage such as pre-dry hay vacuum, silage maize vacuum, vacuum pulp mix (silage maize-beet pulp), beet pulp pellets, vacuum MPB mix (silage maize-beet pulp-beer grain) as well as the various mixtures for horses, donkeys, alpaca, sheep, goats, deer, pigs, chickens, geese, ... If you need extra support, we also offer the necessary supplements. Of course also several tasty treats for horses :-)
Feel free to contact us for further information or discover everything via the webshop or in our physical store with ample stock.

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