Pest control ( rats / mice / ants / insects / flies / snails / voles / boxwood moth)

Our Pest control range is available through our physical store as well as ordering online via the webshop, it is possible to use all kinds of control applications for fighting rats and mice and voles as well as insects and flies and for fighting snails and ants.

How to control pests ?

Fighting vermin can be done by using poison, traps, bait boxes or with pulsar chasing. It is important to determine whether indoor or outdoor pest control will be carried out as well as which type of pest and the preference to catch or kill.

Poison against pests

Our range contains poison for rats, mice, snails, etc. A good pest poison ensures that the pests such as rats and mice do not die on the spot, but only after a few days. The reason why this is so important lies in the fact that these intelligent animals will otherwise link their peers directly to the place and ignore the poison. The rat poison and mouse poison of Agrodieren is very powerful and effective in every area and can also be sold freely to private individuals and complies with Belgian legislation.

Bait boxes against pests

By using bait boxes you can safely use poison so that children and pets cannot come into contact with it and a bait box also provides an extended period to ensure the quality of your poison.

Traps against pests

Pest traps can be both deadly traps and animal-friendly traps. Animal-friendly traps are traps where the animal is caught but not killed or injured. We also have deadly pests in our range. There are also adhesive strips and adhesive paste to catch pests such as snails, mice and rats.

Electric pest control

The electric pest control can range from an electric fly trap to the chasing of the pests via high-frequency ultrasonic devices that obviously do not disturb other animals such as dogs or cats or birds or human hearing.

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